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Infocast provides industry-leading financial IT solutions for both enterprise-level and retail-level financial institutions. All of our products are reliably updated to stay at the forefront of the market. Explore our product portfolio to discover the ideal solution to match your business, technical and user needs.

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To download the latest Infocast product brochures, photos and videos, please visit the Downloads Area.

To download Infocast applications (including EXE Installers), please visit the Customer Zone.

Brokerage Platforms

For retail brokerages and asset management firms


Enterprise Solutions

For retail banks


Financial Content

For banks, brokerages and other financial institutions

  • InvestGO - Next-generation market information system

  • iInvestor - Stock price quote terminal

  • iPortal - Customized financial portal

  • iMedia - Streaming market data content

  • iClick - Streaming or snapshot online service

  • Exchange API - Direct-from-exchange market data

  • Newswire - Financial news service


Investor Applications

For banks, brokerages and other financial institutions

  • InvestPRO - Next-Generation Mobile Trading & Investment Application

  • iMobile - Mobile trading application

  • iWeb - Online trading service

  • iToken - Software token for two-factor authentication

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