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Brokerage Platforms

Trading Platforms


Infocast is the first Hong Kong vendor capable of offering a total all-in-one trading solution for retail brokerages, combining a high-performance trading engine and an innovative business model to deliver a cost efficient solution.


InvesTrade enables brokerages to rapidly expand their business scope by meeting market needs and capturing market opportunities.


  • Convenient turn-key solution

  • Fast trading workflow with advanced functionality

  • High performance, low latency OMS

  • HA (High Availability) robustness and resilience

  • Flexible cloud-enabled service

  • Multi-market, multi-platform

Infocast InvesTrade Logo


All-In-One Trading Solution

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InvesTrade is a next-generation all-in-one trading solution for retail banks and retail brokerages. InvesTrade combines our proven trading systems with our powerful financial information services into a convenient and cost-efficient turn-key package.


InvesTrade may be deployed via cloud-SaaS (Solution-as-a-Service) delivery for fast implementation at low cost, and features multi-market trading and advanced features. Our robust and resilient architecture delivers maximum performance, security and stability.


Click the link below to download InvesTrade.

Infocast InvesTrade Agent Solution Logo

Agent Solution

Multi-Market Trading Via Execution Agent


  • Zero-investment multi-market access

  • Order execution by agent-broker

  • Without need for exchange connection and FIX connectivity infrastructure

  • Award-winning innovative cloud solution


InvesTrade Agent Solution


InvesTrade features an innovative Agent Solution to enable zero-investment multi-market trading for subscribers. Utilizing an award-winning cloud computing method, subscribers send multi-market trade orders to be executed by an agent-broker on their behalf, significantly reducing the barriers to entry.


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