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Infocast’s financial content services support real-time data and analytics from multiple markets, including Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen.


Our in-house Newswire and market research departments report on the latest financial news.


Next-Gen Market Information System

InvestGO Logo
  • Intuitive, insightful and actionable

  • All-new HTML5 software architecture

  • Workflow centered around “Watch” and “Quote” functions

  • Personalize up to 10 workspaces with 25 windows each

  • 12+ Dynamic Icons to indicate the key status of a stock

  • 125+ professional chart analytics from ChartIQ


InvestGO is a next-generation market information system, combining all-new HTML technology, multiple markets’ data and a wealth of advanced analytics functions to deliver an intuitive, insightful and actionable investor experience. Take advantage of InvestGO’s personalized workspaces, dynamic icons and professional charts to stay ahead of the market.

Stock Price Quote Terminal

Infocast iInvestor Logo
  • Versatile and powerful quote terminal

  • Personalized multi-window user interface

  • Advanced investment ideas, latest market news

  • Low cost, rapid implementation and useable overseas

  • Connected via leased line or internet

  • Easy upgrade to InvesTrade trading platform

iInvestor Eng 20160201_edited.jpg

iInvestor is a versatile market information terminal suitable for all financial institutions. Users have access to powerful features, such as a customizable user interface, advanced investment ideas and the latest financial news. Subscribing to iInvestor is fast, simple and cost-efficient.


Click the link below to download your free trial of iInvestor.

Infocast iPortal Logo

Customised Financial Portal

iPortal EN
iPortal Eng 20160128_edited.jpg


  • White-labelled design to promote corporate branding

  • Fast and accurate financial information

  • Rich financial content selection


iPortal is a web-based financial information portal service with rich and accurate real-time market data. Infocast can white-label the website's design to suit your corporate branding.

Streaming Market Data Content

iMedia EN
5-3 iMedia 2_edited.jpg


  • Optimized for public display on television and online channels

  • Ideal for branches and multimedia services

  • Powerful scheduler for content administration and management


iMedia is a dynamic financial information streaming service. It is optimized for public display and can automatically scroll through the most relevant financial content and promotional videos.

Streaming + Snapshot Online Service

iClick EN
5-4 iClick 1_edited.jpg


  • Comprehensive H-shares and A-shares price quote

  • Portfolio monitoring tools

  • Rich market and company information


iClick provides either real-time or snapshot stock price quotes, available through an online webservice.

Exchange API
Direct From Exchange Market Data

5-5 Exchange API_edited.jpg


  • Real-time market data direct from HKEx

  • Ideal for formula trading, in-depth analysis and remote distribution


Exchange API provides subscribers with access to market data directly from the stock exchange. The data is suitable for internal use, such as for technical analysis, formula and algorithm trading, and remote access.

Infocast Newswire Logo

Infocast Newswire
Financial News Service

Newswire EN
Infocast Newswire pic_edited.jpg


  • Latest financial news coverage

  • Articles from Infocast's in-house reporters and editors

  • Exclusive commentaries from industry experts and organizations


Infocast Newswire enhances your market awareness and knowledge. We provide coverage of the latest financial news, written by Infocast’s in-house team of reporters and editors. Infocast Newswire also distributes daily expert commentaries from financial industry professionals, organizations and associations.


Newswire is included in most Infocast services, and is available separately.

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