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Infocast offers stock trading and financial content services via the Internet and mobile devices, enabling end-users to trade and access their portfolio anytime, anywhere.


Investment & Wealth Management Application

InvestPRO EN
InvestPRO App Final2.png
  • Delivering unique values to all of a brokerage institution’s stakeholders

  • Easy-to-use, fully-featured experience for investors through a smart user interface, powerful trading engine and interactive investment manager

  • Various tools for relationship managers to oversee and communicate with customers, such as via insightful client monitoring, communicative social ecosystem and new customer engagement

  • Software and hardware to satisfy industry regulations and exceed benchmarks with fast performance, time-to-market delivery, secure infrastructure and regulatory compliance

InvestPRO 3 screens jpg_edited.jpg

Infocast InvestPRO is a next-generation consolidated investment and wealth management mobile application. InvestPRO can be whitelabelled by financial institutions to provide their investor clients with a high-quality on-the-go trading and portfolio management service at their fingertips. Make InvestPRO your ultimate mobile platform for mobile multi-assets trading.

Mobile Trading Application

iMobile EN
Infocast iMobile Logo
  • On-the-go trading for mobile devices

  • iOS and Android

  • Optimized for mobile interface and functionalities

  • Cross-platform synchronization

6-2 iMobile 2_edited.jpg
investrade mobile eng_edited.jpg
mobile 6_edited.jpg

iMobile enables trading anytime, anywhere for your end-users. It features a streamlined design optimized for mobile devices with multi-market trading functionality, market information and portfolio management. The app is white-labelled to match your corporate branding.


iWeb and iMobile can be fully integrated as a value-added service, with portfolios synchronized across all platforms for convenient management.

Online Trading Service

iWeb EN
Infocast iWeb Logo
iWeb Eng2 20160201_edited.jpg


  • Real-time market data and fast order entry

  • In-depth portfolio access

  • Instant trade notifications


iWeb is an online trading platform for your end-users. It provides a comprehensive multi-market information, order entry and portfolio management service. It can also be white-labelled to match your corporate branding.

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