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Infocast is the first Hong Kong vendor capable of offering a total all-in-one trading solution for retail brokerages, combining a high-performance trading engine and an innovative business model to deliver a cost efficient solution.


InvesTrade enables brokerages to rapidly expand their business scope by meeting market needs and capturing market opportunities.



  • Convenient turn-key solution

  • Fast trading workflow with advanced functionality

  • High performance, low latency OMS

  • HA (High Availability) robustness and resilience

  • Flexible cloud-enabled service

  • Multi-market, multi-platform




All-In-One Trading Solution

InvesTrade Terminal


InvesTrade is a next-generation all-in-one trading solution for retail banks and retail brokerages. InvesTrade combines our proven trading systems with our powerful financial information services into a convenient and cost-efficient turn-key package.


InvesTrade may be deployed via cloud-SaaS (Solution-as-a-Service) delivery for fast implementation at low cost, and features multi-market trading and advanced features. Our robust and resilient architecture delivers maximum performance, security and stability.


Click the link below to download InvesTrade.



Agent Solution

Multi-Market Trading Via Execution Agent


  • Zero-investment multi-market access

  • Order execution by agent-broker

  • Without need for exchange connection and FIX connectivity infrastructure

  • Award-winning innovative cloud solution



InvesTrade features an innovative Agent Solution to enable zero-investment multi-market trading for subscribers. Utilizing an award-winning cloud computing method, subscribers send multi-market trade orders to be executed by an agent-broker on their behalf, significantly reducing the barriers to entry.


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